Seeing Success In Failure

Hi, I’m David and I’m a failure. Let's stop right there - failure shouldn’t be a part of your vocabulary. It's negative and brings you down. I had a great conversation with a wise family member about failure over the holidays and thought I should share.

Life is a Classroom - Be a Student

I used to think I was a failure. Over the last 4 years I had tried to start a drone business, a Jeep business, open a bar, applied to over 65 jobs before I ended up at HubSpot, and who remembers what else - I thought I had failed at all of them and was hard on myself. I had success early on in life and thought I could bat a thousand but failed to realize no one does (if you have, I suggest going to buy some Mega Millions tickets tonight). What I really failed at, was not seeing that these experiences were lessons to improve and grow. Life has a way of knocking you down at the right time to teach valuable lessons. This goes back to my first post of ABC, Always Be Curious and never stop learning. It's super important to recognize this when you’re young because it will pay dividends later in life. I wish this was something I had learned earlier in life but it's never too late to start.

I’ll keep it short this week and hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with family and friends. Will you continue to knock yourself down and use the word failure or pick yourself up, learn from these lessons, and grow?

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